001201222s4 larrycarlson The Master Jaguar

LARRY CARLSON, The Master Jaguar, 2013.

6767708295 85f5642428 b Echolocation in the Sea of Stars

Larry Carlson, Echolocation in the Sea of Stars, digital chromogenic print, 36x26in., 2012.

tumblr n5mw8xRAn81qz7hfgo1 1280 VXVXV Red Mix

Larry Carlson, VXVXV-Red Mix, c-print, 44x55in., 2014.

( Thanks to the amazing Charlotte Free for modeling in this picture! )


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00a56900AAAQ25782ZZ larrycarlson Field of Whaves

LARRY CARLSON, Field of Whaves, c-print, 66 x 55in., 2014.

4s187 as4368 larrycarlson Astronomica 49

LARRY CARLSON, Astronomica 49, 2014.

584f47er232Z33 larrycarlson Rainbow Shower

LARRY CARLSON, Rainbow Shower, 2014.

2335vg43bA223f0e0 larrycarlson The Luminous Moon in Cancer

LARRY CARLSON, The Luminous Moon in Cancer, 2014.

8439530374 07736e96e5 b Wings of Sun

LARRY CARLSON, Wings of Sun, digital photography, 2013.

sssyZTQh1qz7hfgo1 1280  Journey into the Cosmos 2

LARRY CARLSON, Journey into the Cosmos 2, 2014.


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1111f91qz7hfgo1 1280 768x1024 Signing my new art print “The Master Jaguar”.

Signing my new art print “The Master Jaguar”.

Signing my new art print “The Master Jaguar”.

0000 ZZ99dA9ZXZX 648x1024 The Seventh Day

Larry Carlson, The Seventh Day, collage and paint on wooden board, 34x24in., 2012.

000 570Aq23wN Set Your Fields on Fire

Larry Carlson, Set Your Fields on Fire, c-print, 100x90in., 2014.

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