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Digital art transcends borders, enabling artists like LARRY CARLSON to reach a global collector audience. The proceeds from purchasing digital art goes directly towards supporting his independent artistic vision and enabling his future for digital creativity.

For the buyer, an NFT provides a secure certificate of ownership over a digital artwork, protecting the artworks value. The internet makes it easy to duplicate and forge artworks, making them essentially worthless – however an NFT overcomes this risk, making the artwork unquestionably authentic by providing an indisputable ownership record stored on the blockchain.

A LARRY CARLSON NFT token solves the riddle by proving that one digital asset is the one-and-only “original” by LARRY CARLSON. When purchasing a LARRY CARLSON NFT, you acquire both the unerasable ownership record of the artwork and the ability to show off the NFT on multiple platforms.

Artworks in NFT form contain the digital artwork file, digital signature of the artist, time of creation, and all subsequent transactions related to the artwork (provenance). This identifiable information can be found in the LARRY CARLSON smart contract of his NFTs.