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LARRY CARLSON, El Lobo Levitate, collage on paper, 11x15in., 2011.

3ll30el0lllll larrycarlson 1024x681 High Times magazine, “Morsels for the Mind”, 12/2002.

High Times magazine, “Morsels for the Mind”, 12/2002

9788329004 ee395bf142 o Making new art at Larry Carlson Studio

Making new art at Larry Carlson Studio

923w3033s7 larrycarlson The Orange Galaxy Forest

LARRY CARLSON, The Orange Galaxy Forest, c-print, 75x85in., 2013.

001201222s4 larrycarlson The Master Jaguar

LARRY CARLSON, The Master Jaguar, 2013.

0Z02Zazs4 larrycarlson Hallelujah, We Shall Rise

LARRY CARLSON, Hallelujah, We Shall Rise
, 2013.

8x9x8t90 4 larrycarlson2 My Ark Sings Under the Sun

LARRY CARLSON, My Ark Sings Under the Sun, 2013.

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LARRY CARLSON, XXXlllXX, collage and paint on wooden board, 18x24in., 2012.



goat4 larycarlson ani G.O.A.T.

LARRY CARLSON, G.O.A.T., gif animation, 2013.

9gg7f4444 e23g66 larrycarlson Tomorrow’s Vertical Transport

LARRY CARLSON, Tomorrow’s Vertical Transport, C-print, 65x 75in., 2013.

0d6azzz3 larrycarlson She is No More in the Stars

LARRY CARLSON, She is No More in the Stars, collage on paper, 12x10in., 2013


tripp larycarlson ani Gif Animation by Larry Carlson

LARRY CARLSON, gif animation, 2013.

1098405 10151938521119050 1986567308 n Red Gardener

LARRY CARLSON, Red Gardener, collage, digital prints and found materials on paper, 12x10in., 2009.

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