9774753993 65d9385fea o Image 5, Astronomica Volume 2

LARRY CARLSON, Image 5, Astronomica Volume 2, 2013.


More images from the Astronomica series here.

0 37878 larrycarlson Mother Mary of the Snow

LARRY CARLSON, Mother Mary of the Snow, digital photography, 2013.


il 570xN.396  Colorized Afternoon

Colorized Afternoon by LARRY CARLSON

COLORFUL AFTERNOON 0 Colorized Afternoon

Colorized Afternoon by LARRY CARLSON

Print available at the LARRY CARLSON STORE.


0399054351 larrycarlson Novus Ordo Bartzabel

LARRY CARLSON, Novus Ordo Bartzabel, C-print, 85 x75in.,2013.

0347091j5f51gr45a45b054351 larrycarlson Witch Tree Vortex

LARRY CARLSON, Witch Tree Vortex, 2013.

il 570xN.396452488 lseq Wild Woods


il 570xN.364613289 Wild Woods


Wild Woods

pigment print to canvas

Size: 16×20″ canvas
1 1/4″ side profile

Pigment print to matte canvas. The image wraps around the sides of the canvas allowing it to be hung beautifully with no frame. Canvas is glazed over the top with an acrylic varnish which protects it from sunlight and scratching. Certified archival. Signed by Larry Carlson on the back of the canvas.

Canvas print available at the LARRY CARLSON STORE.


2lk2ll02 larrycarlson A Flood of Fabolous Forteana

LARRY CARLSON, A Flood of Fabolous Forteana, c-print, 65x75in., 2013.

2843745742 9af649b174 o1 Exhibition of Larry Carlsons artwork in Japan

Larry Carlson, Aquarius Interdimensional, collage on paper, 16x20in., 2007.


The first ever exhibition of LARRY CARLSON’s artwork in Japan.

November 23, 2013
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 1-56-6 Ohara



世界で最も注目を集めているコラージュアーティスト“LARRY CARLSON”の平面作品と映像作品を展示致します。ご本人、ラリーの許可を得た、オフィシャルでの展覧会は日本初となります。この機会に是非御高覧下さいませ。␣ collage(スペース コラージュ)

日時:2013年11月23日(土/祝) 18:00-23:00
会場:namGallery (namgalery.com)
東京都世田谷区大原1-56-6 第二長谷ビル2階
料金:DOOR 2500yen / AD 2000yen

210544 v1 Cracked magazine   Larry Carlsons MEDIJATE number #1 Most Aggressively Crazy Websites on the Internet

Cracked magazine voted Larry Carlson’s MEDIJATE site the number #1 Most Aggressively Crazy Websites on the Internet!

“Larry Carlson really wants you to meditate. Wait, sorry, he wants you to medijate, which is like meditating, except instead of relaxing and finding inner peace, you recoil at strange noises and find your inner seizure sufferer.” Read the rest of the article here – LINK



astrolite larycarlson ani Black Knight Satellite

LARRY CARLSON, Black Knight Satellite, gif animation, 2013.


0mupxktxOlw1qz7hfgo1 1280 Astronomica 34

LARRY CARLSON, Astronomica 34, 2013.

8987360858 05f3ba1b41 o Orangatree

LARRY CARLSON, Orangatree, digital photography, 2013.

w658 6f3ee89c02 o Black Mushroom

LARRY CARLSON, BLACK MUSHROOM, digital chromogenic print, 26x22in., 2004.

6884640702 c423e304f9 b Sun of the Orange Morning

LARRY CARLSON, Sun of the Orange Morning, collage, digital prints, and arcylic paint on wooden board, 26x24in., 2010.

66s ani Salamandras

gif animation by LARRY CARLSON

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