Contact the Star People : 2009


Contact the Star People

The Shaggy Woods Beast

Animal Magician

The Great Feathered Serpent

Wandering Mindless

Weird Fingers

Phantom Wolf Creature

Ancient Friend of Man

Hallucinogenic Slash Holographic

Heart of the Pyramid

Extraterrestrial Foundation

Twilight in New York




Phosphorus : 2008


Temple of Jupiter

God Man and Beast

Law is Love

Frozen Creatures

His Body Began to Shimmer

Blood Like the Red of the Sky


Foxes on the Hills

The Creator

Flying Humaniods

The Master Hawk

Magic City of the Old Ones



Excellent Energy Field : 2006




Tennis Balls Rapidly

Got Drunk and Fell on the Car

Weeping Willow

Flake of Snow

ESP Going


Over the Tumbled Graves

Dog Sweater



Eagle Eggs in Stars : 2004


Star 2 Star

Big Door in the Mountain

The Spirits Traveled

Another Dimension


Black Magic Hole

Bizz R


Clusters of Yellow Light

Magic Rainbow

Loop in the Sky



Dark Sun : 2002


Catch a Flying Saucer

My Warm Clothe on Me

Negative World

Smart One

Twillight Episode

Super Dude



Purple Trips : 2000


Purple Trips

Space Donkey


Sex Drugs and Flash


Chi Chi Williams World

Take My Hand



The Jersey Devil : 1999


The Montauk Project

The Jersey Devil

Yo Yo Yo

Telescopic Winter of 1776

Heart Path

Moon Illusion

Out of the Body









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