4s187 as4368 larrycarlson Astronomica 49

LARRY CARLSON, Astronomica 49, 2014.

00 y889ki8njjn  Astronomica 43

LARRY CARLSON, Astronomica 43, 2014.

xxxyuSS63 larrycarlson Image 1, Astronomica Volume 2

LARRY CARLSON, Image 1, Astronomica Volume 2, 2012

Z6666rZ8986rZ larrycarlson Kyla 3

LARRY CARLSON, Kyla 3, silkscreen print, 22x24in., 2012

tumblr m348de25tk1qz7hfgo1 1280 The Lightning Express

Larry Carlson, The Lightning Express, C-print, 24 x 26in., 2008.

Psychedelic art print by visionary artist Larry Carlson. This original trippy art print is available at the LARRY CARLSON STORE.


20120406  MG 8465 776x1024 Door of Wings

LARRY CARLSON, Door of Wings, collage on paper, 14x10in., 2012.

 Astronomica 15

LARRY CARLSON, Astronomica 15, 2008.

More images from the Astronomica series here.


 Speculations on the Origin of the Rotary

Larry Carlson, Speculations on the Origin of the Rotary, digital collage drawing, 2012.

03455ZZ22 larrycarlson 1024x772 In Wind and Storm  The Only Ones Still Alive

LARRY CARLSON, In Wind and Storm -The Only Ones Still Alive, collage and acrylic paint on paper, 20x26in., 2012.

tumblr m0cgeqKeFp1qz7hfgo1 500 Not Of This World

Not Of This World, gif. animation art, 2012.

5465416fa larrycarlson Trend Hunter Magazine Article on Larry Carlsons Artwork

Trend Hunter Magazine’s artist feature on Larry Carlson.

“Larry Carlson’s art is a mirror of our subconscious mind. It possess dreamlike qualities and a special technique full of exploration with a simple direction of attention to detail.”

Read the full article here-

Trendhunter/Larry Carlson



277968 800 larryCARLSON Photo Illustration Slideshow

9kuha larrycarlson 1024x832 The Sky is Blue

Collage painting on hardboard, by Larry Carlson, 2010.

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