6767708295 85f5642428 b Echolocation in the Sea of Stars

Larry Carlson, Echolocation in the Sea of Stars, digital chromogenic print, 36x26in., 2012.

03455ZZ22 larrycarlson 1024x772 In Wind and Storm  The Only Ones Still Alive

LARRY CARLSON, In Wind and Storm -The Only Ones Still Alive, collage and acrylic paint on paper, 20x26in., 2012.

09u80 larrycarlson The Hyades

The Hyades, 2011, collage with paint, digital prints and found media on paper, 11in x 14in.

654zz larrycarlson 687x1024 After the Storm

Larry Carlson, After the Storm, 2011, collage, digital prints, and paint on paper, 18in x 14in.

10 Loyal Welcome Home at Galleri Loyal

Wall of artwork at Galleri Loyal.


Larry Carlson Pipe Day Welcome Home at Galleri Loyal

Larry Carlson, Pipe Day, 2005, Collage on paper, 8 x 10.5 in / 20 x 27 cm


Larry Carlson Brian Belott Joe Grillo Welcome Home at Galleri Loyal

Larry Carlson, Brian Belott and Joe Grillo, Collage and acrylic on paper, 17 x 11.5 in / 43 x 29 cm


On March 24, 2006, Galleri Loyal in Stockholm Sweden transformed itself into Welcome Home, a group exhibition which brought together the dynamic work of artists who chop up our culture and sew it all back together. Like ”ROBERT”, Justin Samson’s amazing life-size sasquatch-like creature, you also see it in the collages of Justin, Brian Belott and Larry Carlson, the poster art, drawings and comics of Mat Brinkman, Xander Marro, Ryan Riehle, Miles Huston, and Christopher Forgues. The skill and simplicity of their work crackles with imagery that makes you feel as though youve gotten a glimpse into the future using a 1980s time travel device.

WELCOME HOME-Galleri Loyal


Dec 132011
tumblr lvtaxxJOGJ1qz7hfg Olo

"OLO" collage on paper by Larry Carlson.

0bllllZZZlllllo larrycarlson Winter Wunderkammer

Digital collage, by Larry Carlson, 2011.

3242601008 630a9c7fc3 o BLACK HAWK KEOKUK

Collage on paper, 2007

llllllllllu7y larrycarlson KING OF SATURN

Collage on wooden board, 2010.

2843745742 9af649b174 o1 AQUARIUS INTERDIMENSIONAL

2843746416 0043f3dc71 o Ill BE BACK

Digital Collage, 2007.

84 larrycarlson4 NITELIGHT LANDSCAPE


Aug 242011

s29 2 larrycarlson 861x1024 Eagle Hear


Collage on paper, 2011.


0c065W0a larrycarlson Yucatán Collage 4

2828909907 5b8c350d94 o First Book of Magic   Collage Book Art











Slide-show of  “First Book of  Magic” a handmade collage book by Larry Carlson and Brian Belott. Created by  pasting elements over each page of the original publication, turning it into a unique artist’s book. This artwork  and other collage art-books  were on  display at the show Book/Shelf at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City from March 26 – July 7, 2008 and is now in the permanent collection.

Click here for the slide-show of  “First Book of  Magic”.

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