yt4w325454576zs4 larrycarlson e1363265194465  Les Champignons Machines

LARRY CARLSON, Les Champignons Machines, collage on paper, 14x11in., 2013.

d7fda686fud015s4 larrycarlson 753x1024 Winter Magi 2

LARRY CARLSON, Winter Magi 2, collage on paper, 12x10in., 2013.

0111333ww332324 larrycarlson 1024x755 Winter Magi

LARRY CARLSON, Winter Magi, collage on paper, 14x12in., 2013

00076c7fdaq7878 larrycarlson 825x1024 Magic Magma

LARRY CARLSON, Magic Magma, collage, digital prints, and paint on paper, 14x11in. 2011.

1sz111fday15s1114 larrycarlson 1024x957 The Sky is Blue   California Dream

08877rts4 larrycarlson 1024x814 The Sky is Blue   California Dream

LARRY CARLSON, The Sky is Blue – California Dream, collage and paint on wooden board, 24x16in., 2011.

tumblr mi162yIwRC1qz7hfgo1 1280 The Rainbow Bridge

LARRY CARLSON, The Rainbow Bridge, collage on paper, 14x10in., 2013.

Dec 312012
2828909565 b3e3591f90 o Star Birds

LARRY CARLSON, Star Birds, collage on paper, 16x20in., 2005

8210180262 8565b16a02 o Weetigo

LARRY CARLSON, Weetigo, c-print, 44 x 33in., 2012.

00876512 larrycarlson 1024x763 No Soul Left Behind

LARRY CARLSON, No Soul Left Behind, collage on paper, 24 x 16in., 2009.

tumblr maymkalakj1rylo72o1 1280 Alone and Unafraid   Part Three

LARRY CARLSON, Alone and Unafraid – Part Three, C-print, 65x45in., 2012.

0222Azq2229xe0 larrycarlson 1024x682 Collage artwork in Larry Carlsons studio

Collage Artwork in Larry Carlson’s Studio, digital photography, 2012.

20120406  MG 8465 776x1024 Door of Wings

LARRY CARLSON, Door of Wings, collage on paper, 14x10in., 2012.

3818696229 f1c669cc29 o 815x1024 Mechanisms of the Lunarwalker

LARRY CARLSON, Mechanisms of the Lunarwalker, collage and paint on board, 36x34in., 2006.

2829573614 c5d8179041 o THE GARMENT OF AL SHADDAI

Larry Carlson, The Garment of Al Shaddai, fujicolor crystal archive print, 22 x 28in, 2012.

tumblr m29nhklceR1qz7hfgo1 500 JAGUAR BIZARRE


LARRY CARLSON, JAGUAR BIZARRE, digital chromogenic print, 26x22in., 2007.


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