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Larry Carlson, collage and paint on paper, Animal Doorway, 12x10in., 2014.

Larry Carlson, collage and paint on paper, Animal Doorway, 12x10in., 2014.

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LARRY CARLSON, Sun of the Orange Morning, collage, digital prints, and arcylic paint on wooden board, 26x24in., 2010.

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LARRY CARLSON, El Lobo Levitate, collage on paper, 11x15in., 2011.

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LARRY CARLSON, XXXlllXX, collage and paint on wooden board, 18x24in., 2012.



0d6azzz3 larrycarlson She is No More in the Stars

LARRY CARLSON, She is No More in the Stars, collage on paper, 12x10in., 2013


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LARRY CARLSON, Red Gardener, collage, digital prints and found materials on paper, 12x10in., 2009.

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120Qx34eee larrycarlson 1024x752 The Avian Knights : 20 : Judgement

LARRY CARLSON, The Avian Knights : 20 : Judgement, collage on paper, 24x34in., 2013.

9c58zrva56 larrycarlson Planetary Folklore

LARRY CARLSON, Planetary Folklore, collage on paper, 16x14in., 2013.

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LARRY CARLSON, Bobcat on the Prowl, c-print, 55 x45in., 2012.

013311356213564004 larrycarlson The Girl Who Fell Through Time

LARRY CARLSON, The Girl Who Fell Through Time, collage on paper, 24x16in., 2013.

yt4w325454576zs4 larrycarlson e1363265194465  Les Champignons Machines

LARRY CARLSON, Les Champignons Machines, collage on paper, 14x11in., 2013.

d7fda686fud015s4 larrycarlson 753x1024 Winter Magi 2

LARRY CARLSON, Winter Magi 2, collage on paper, 12x10in., 2013.

0111333ww332324 larrycarlson 1024x755 Winter Magi

LARRY CARLSON, Winter Magi, collage on paper, 14x12in., 2013

00076c7fdaq7878 larrycarlson 825x1024 Magic Magma

LARRY CARLSON, Magic Magma, collage, digital prints, and paint on paper, 14x11in. 2011.

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