Creator Wave Vol 39: Interview with Larry Carlson

LARRY CARLSON, Owl Staff, collage and paint on canvas, 16x14in., 2006.

Larry Carlson, Owl Staff, collage and paint on canvas, 16x14in., 2006.

Creator Wave Vol 39: Interview with Larry Carlson

Larry Carlson is one of a kind. Utilizing a vast range of mediums and his larger-than-life creative plug, Larry’s completely surreal works of art will make you think twice about how you see the world. His work will simply take your breath away. Larry is a multimedia artist based in New York. He frequents and fuses various mediums such as digital art and photography, collage art, video art, flash movies, soundscapes, interesting scrolls and text art. Rooted with a delicious sense of wonder, Carlson creates worlds upon worlds of supreme magic and mind-blowing whimsicality for viewers to devour with their eyes. He inspires your imagination to take flight with his vision! Making the impossible come to life is a craft that Larry Carlson has brilliantly mastered. We had the pleasure of interviewing Larry and had quite a few curious questions!

Larry Carlson exclusive interview with SCV
Conducted by Michele Lin

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